Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gift List

Dear Comrades! I am taking the challenge! Pam gave me a wonderful book for my birthday entitled One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. In the book she tells of a friend who challenged her to write down on paper 1000 gifts. Graces. Blessings, small and large. It’s a practice called Eucharisteo. Eucharist. Thanksgiving and gifts leading us to joy. A Thousand Gifts is the author’s journey of transformation into a life that is joy-filled and wonder-steeped. So, I am in. I bought a journal. I wrote Gift List on the inside cover and made a crazy little drawing of a gift in ribbon. I started my list and I take my journal everywhere. I am up to #35. Only 965 more to go. Here is a random selection of some of mine so far… #7 Feeling rest in my weary body #11 A few brief moments of conversation with my beloved nephew, Joe. #13 Coffee at Peet’s while sitting with Jesus. #18 My favorite purple pen. #20 My word Ponder I am practicing today. #25 My son, Joel’s, music wafting through our house as he plays guitar and sings. #31 Cheering for my son, Sam, at his baseball game as he gets three hits. #35 My office with pictures of my family and friends. #36 Attending the Festival of Faith and writing with my son, Zack. These are a sample. I am leaning fully into Eucharisteo. There is so very much in life that pushes us towards the darkness of negativity, cynicism, frustration, and anger. I want to be shaped increasingly by thanksgiving. By Eucharisteo. It has felt so good to chronicle God’s loving presence and presents throughout the day. Want to join me? Friendly competition. Who can get to a thousand first? We live with a community of our friends who I really believe are our teachers in this…ooh…#37 My Capernaum friends who teach me to be thankful. You better hurry and get started. I am thankful for you!....Hey that’s #38! Nick