Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just Wanted to Take Time

And Jesus chose twelve to be with Him. Mark 3

Dear Capernaum Brothers and Sisters,

It was 1973; I was 19 years old and a first year Young Life leader at Leland High School – my Alma matre. Joe Kempston was our new Area Director, who had just moved from Washington, and he was my Senior Leader for my club. After the first night of club, he invited all the guy leaders out to coffee. As he looked across the table at three wide eyed 19 year olds, he said, “I just wanted to take time to be with you guys and get to know you.”

It is now 35 years later and I remember that moment like it was yesterday. I learned from Joe that I was more important than club, ministry – even kids. That little gesture by Joe has formed some of my key ministry values for all my life. The funny thing is I doubt if Joe even remembers it. What power to change lives in a simple Holy Spirit led gesture. Joe created a memory for me that changed and has led my life.

In an increasingly impersonal world, don’t pass by the smallest of opportunities to take time with someone, to speak a kind work, to pick up the phone and give an encouraging call. Put people in front of business and our own agenda. Do your leaders know they are more important to you than club and ministry in general? If you supervise other staff, so they know they are more important to you than ministry. Do you “waste” time with them, simply to be with them?

I am struck that when Jesus chose the 12, the primary criteria was “to be with Him.” This is the practice of Christian “with-ness”. We do it well with kids and I encourage you to make sure you do it even better with your staff and volunteers. The dividends are huge for both their lives and ministry. Who will you call today? Who will you take out today? Who will you encourage today? Whose life will you change for the next 55 years by a simple gesture of invitation? As a matter of fact are any of you free for coffee today?

Much love in the Lord,


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  1. This is great that you guys are now posting these on this blog. Nick's devotionals are worthy of publishing as a book but this is the next best thing and an awesome first step. May God bless these words and use them to bless this ministry and all God's people