Monday, June 15, 2009

The Elite Three and 39

Dear YL Capernaum Sisters and Brothers ~

The past couple of months I have been reading, slowly and meditatively, I and II Samuel. This morning I read in II Samuel 23 of David’s death. Right after that there is a fascinating and moving account of David’s men who surround him. In The Message version they are called the elite three and then 30 other men deeply loyal to David.
I have been struck throughout Samuel of David’s incredible heart for God. He is tender, fiercely loyal to God, passionate and courageous. He does great things with God out of his passionate love for God. But II Samuel 23 reveals another reason for why David is great. It is because of the elite three and
the 30. The elite three have given their lives to David. Their mission was to serve David and make him successful at all costs. An exploit of great danger was recounted when David wanted to drink water from Bethlehem’s gates; the three risked their lives to bring him this drink. There were also a powerful 30 in David’s life, a larger circle of those tremendously loyal to him. But twice in II Samuel 23 it is said of some of the 30, “but they were not the elite 3.”
This really made me think. I actually wrote down in my journal who my elite 3 are and who my mighty 30 are. As I did this, I realized that God has given me incredible people over the years who have committed their lives to God to make me successful and to make the vision of YL Capernaum come true around the world. Later this year I think I am going to gather my elite 3 and mighty 30 to honor them. I know there is nothing I have done that they have not had a part in making happen. My mighty women and men of valor and loyalty!
What about you? Who are your elite 3? Who are your mighty 30? Who is committed to you unconditionally? Who wants to only serve you and make you successful in the vision God has given you? Who are your armor bearers? Who will cover you? Who protects you, risks for you, and prays for you?
If you don’t have people like this, pray God will send them to you. I will pray this for you. Take some time to think who these people might be in your life and spend some time thanking them. “These are the names of the mighty men whom David had…” 2 Samuel 23:8 “…Then three of the thirty chief men went down and came to David.” 2 Samuel 23:13 “…These things the three mighty men did for David.” 2 Samuel 23:17

To all of our elite threes and our mighty 30 women and men!


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