Friday, October 2, 2009

Success by numbers?

…for wrath came upon Israel because of the numbering (census) – I Chronicles 27:24

God has not called us to be successful but faithful. – Mother Teresa

David took a look around in his midstream success and wanted to measure it, and judgment came because of it. This is not a comfortable verse or highlight in David’s ministry career. God did not want him to do this but he did anyway. I think God wanted David to keep doing his will faithfully and leave the numbers, fruit and success with Him.

I can really relate to this. Before I started YL Capernaum I competed with others about numbers. How many did you have at club last night? I was always hoping my club had more. Consequently if my numbers were not up, I felt even lower. It was a source of pride and idolatry that affected my self-esteem. And then came YL Capernaum. This was God’s answer to my obsession with results and numbers. I was entering a world of the small, the weak, the insignificant and the broken. This is a world where numbers would never be huge. And this was doubly true because all our kids were in wheelchairs. Numbers would be determined by transportation. So our maximum number for club would be 15. On top of that, it would be way more labor intensive along with a need for way more leaders in ratio to kids. Not only that, but my club talks didn’t seem to work as they did with typical kids. Early on, I realized I couldn’t even be sure of what conversion is.

In beginning YL Capernaum, God smashed to pieces my need to see results or measure success by large numbers. Early on I read from Zechariah, “do not despise small beginnings.” It made me realize how God moved from His place of significance to the insignificance of wrapping Himself in human flesh. YL Capernaum revealed Jesus to me in a new way.

So friends, I want to say to you, fix your eyes on Jesus and not your numbers and fruit. God has called you to be faithful not successful. The Holy Spirit is in the fruit producing business while like Apollos and Paul, we only plant and water. You are God’s chosen loved one which is measured by God’s grace and not your numbers or fruit.

For the least by one of the least


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