Friday, December 30, 2011

Herod's Journal

April 6, B.C.
Another one! Another one plotting against me. Look at what I’ve done for my people! And what is my thanks? My own family conspiring against me. I regrettably have had to have my three children and wife executed. I had to do this. My own family wants to take my throne. I have to be vigilant. Everyone is out to get me even after all I have done for Israel. I am appointed by God and confirmed by Caesar. The people need me and my throne, a throne that I deserve.

I thought the threats to my position were over. That is until three scholars from the East came and sat with me at dinner. They inquired of me as to the location of the newborn King of the Jews. I was shocked at their disrespect to my throne. I wanted them executed at that very moment. But I didn’t get where I am without discernment and wisdom. I knew these three could lead me to this latest threat. I must have this little one and his family killed. There will be no competition for my throne.

After dinner I gave them lodging. I immediately convened a meeting of the priests and scholars. I wanted to know where this Messiah was supposed to be born...

He cannot possibly be the Messiah! I am God’s appointed King. For the sake of Israel, I must ruthlessly defend my throne, Caesar, and God from any rebellion. I was told the Messiah would come from Bethlehem to rule and shepherd Israel. That may be the truth but that Messiah would have to come from my line. It cannot be this toddler imposter. I must find him.

Next Day
I gathered the three scholars for breakfast. I told them I had prayed and studied, and it confirmed by my priests and scholars that the child king would be born in Bethlehem.

They rejoiced and embraced each other. I smiled warmly back.

So now my new friends make haste to Bethlehem to find this child. Search diligently and carefully. Come back to me so I may accompany you to worship him.

They bowed to me and mounted their camels. I watched from my wall as they headed in the direction of Bethlehem.

I then called my soldiers and put them on alert. We must crush this rebellion to my throne. These Gentiles are proof of the false Messiah; Gentiles in search of a Messiah. Could anything be more ludicrous? God needs a strong man, not a baby worshipped by pagans. I am that man, this is my throne, and these are my people…the end.

A Prayer Against the "Herod" in Us...
Jesus you are King. You and you alone are worthy of the throne. You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Forgive us, Jesus, when we behave like Herod. Forgive us for believing our own press. Forgive us for trying to be "messiahs" when we are only servants. Forgive us for taking our titles seriously apart from you. Remind us, Jesus, you are Area Director, Regional Director, Committee Chair & National Director.

We have power and positions ordained by you as a gift. Like the Magi, powerful in wisdom and wealth, we bring all we are and all we have to you. We bow down to the One whose weakness is greater than our greatest strength. Jesus, we confess our Herod-like tendencies and gladly give the throne of our lives to you. In your Kingly name Jesus! Amen!

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