Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Celebration - April 3 2011

Dearest Friends in Capernaum

This past Saturday night was one of the greatest nights of my life. We held a celebration of 25 years of Young Life Capernaum in San Jose, but that celebration is truly about 25 years of Capernaum in Young Life, which means we celebrated you.

Pam, Amira, and our fabulous coordinators Suzanne, Liz, and Lyn were there personally representing all of you. I so love these dear women and all of you who labor together amongst our wild and crazy friends with disabilities.

The church was full of people from our 25 years of history. We rehearsed our history and God’s wonders. We laughed, we cried, we celebrated God’s amazing story that He continues to write. I was in awe of God’s miracles and at His people. It truly was a night of worship. One of my dear former staff friends, Valerie Bryan, cam up to me weeping and said, “The 18 months I spent here were the most significant months of my life.” I was struck by how many people who were, or are, involved as leaders, drivers, staff, committee, and donors said similar things.

Is it not for the glory and by the grace of God that we enter kids’ worlds in response to His invitation to serve and it is we who are transformed?

One of my favorite things is honoring and recognizing people who have served long and well in Capernaum.
Ken & Alice Kerley and Esther Quement – original committee
Mike & Kristie Morrison – 25 year volunteers
Joe Palermo – driver for 15 years
Robert Latone – driver for 23 years
Lee Jaramillo – Administrator for 22 years
Shelley Smith –our 2nd Area Director in 25 years, leading YL Capernaum San Jose
And my favorite – my wife Sue – lifetime achievement award for enabling me to do what I do in YL Capernaum.

What about you? How long has your ministry been running? One year? Three years? Five years? Seven? 10? Whatever it is, rejoice! Praise God for His miracles and His servants. Is it hard right now? I understand! Those 25 years were filled with hardship and tragedy. But, friends, God is faithful! He has been faithful to us and He will be for you and for your 25 years!

In awe of His grace, faithfulness, and mercy!

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