Monday, May 23, 2011

Pentecost - May 23 2011

As we enter the final lap of the club year, many with weariness and longing for refreshment, I can think of nothing better to talk about than Pentecost. Because that’s when we were allowed to drink from the Fountain of living water – the Holy Spirit.

We sit with our 120 sisters and brothers: ordinary like us, sin-prone like us, failures in many ways like us, but we have a secret. We have seen the Risen Jesus. Our minds are spinning while our hearts fill with wonder and our spirits with joy. And we wait. What’s next? Jesus gave us our crazy mission. Go proclaim throughout the whole world, but how? We are weak, tired, and inadequate.

Suddenly (because that’s the way God moves) we are interrupted by the sound of a mighty rushing wind and tongues of fire hovering over our heads. Many of us scream – I think it was John and Mary of Magdala that together say, “It is the Holy Spirit”.

And as we all open our mouths to reply in praise, words and a language that is not ours gush forth. Language, that great barrier, is obliterated as the Good News is poured out across all language barriers.

My eyes catch a crippled teenager at the Gate Beautiful. I have seen her many times, but felt only pity that she was cursed and outside the promises of God. However, in this moment the Holy Spirit has given me eyes to see into her spirit. And what I see is what my beloved friend, Lydia, always tells me; “their minds might be delayed but their spirits are not”. And I begin to converse with the beautiful little blonde girl. And she understands the love of Jesus as I talk to her. Yes, Pentecost! Yes, the Holy Spirit transcends all languages and barriers.

The Holy Spirit equips all of us to do work we would not choose, with strength we do not have. The Holy Spirit is the one who qualifies us for the mission and that means everyone. The Holy Spirit is not for certain people. The giving of the Holy Spirit puts us all on level ground. Our abilities, wealth, talents, appearance, none of this matters or qualifies us. “The hills have been brought low and the valleys lifted us”, as our brother Luke quotes. This is Good News for our friends with disabilities. What is their qualification for life and ministry? The greatest qualification of all – the Holy Spirit.

This is also good news for those of us that seemingly have all the gifts of life and privilege. We no longer define our worth by what we can do but by the Holy Spirit in us, who makes us His own through the Sacrifice of Jesus and the creative love of the Father.

What good news as we run this race to the finish line. Because it is not by glory, not by strength but by my Spirit says the Lord. (Zechariah 4:6)

Immerse us Jesus in the Fountain of Living Waters!
With you in Him,

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